48 state tour.....finished

This is something that I have wanted to do for close to 30 years…but with a tragedy in my family and along came marriage and kids I never was able to get to it until the last few week.

It took 11,000 miles, 21 days (actually 13 days but I spent time with friends in California, visited Ellsworth AFB for a few day and family in Kentucky) to complete.

The most enjoyable state was Colorado…US 50 and 550 (Million Dollar Highway), California was nice and Oregon coast line is unmatched.
The worst was in death valley…I rode it during the heat of the day and about burned up.

Shortest mileage was in Colorado with only 239 miles…too many things to see.
The longest was 1700 miles riding 40 hours straight…that was insane.

Top 5 states in no particular order are: Colorado, California, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

I took over 700 pictures and over 300 videos from my helmet camera.
My average mileage per day was close to 800 miles.

Ozarks was nice…golden wheat fields of Kansas and Nebraska was enjoyable.

Hardest was from Rapid City SD to the Great Lakes…the wind beat me half to death.

Amish country was inspiring…although I had to watch out for horse crap in the curves.

The gulf of mexico was nice…Rockies was spectacular…saw so many sites including 4 corners, Hoover Dam, PCH, Redwoods of California and wine valley, Yellowstone Park where I was close enough to touch Bison, numerous small and large cities…the great lakes, Niagra, and so much more.

The most touching moment was in a small town that honored their fallen soldiers by displaying their pictures on banners that lined the main street…sadly too many soldiers (both men and women) were hanging from those banners…that was tough to see.

My iron horse, a 2005 FJR1300, performed flawless which was so important since I road alone. Still have a few more items in my bucket to accomplish but this was probably the most enjoyable and toughest.

Cant wait to plan the next adventure.

Sounds like you had a great trip! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed our state! There are so many things to see in this great country that most of us don’t bother to open our eyes and see it like you have.

Congrats Jeff,

That is quite an accomplishment!
You truly have an iron butt. : - )


Did you take Highway 1 up the coast of California?

I have personally visited or lived in over half the country so far. I believe about 8 states all togheather for calling them home for a short while.
It seems the more you see of what else is out there, the harder it is to pick a spot and just stay.
Glad you got to take the trip. I hope after the youngest is gone I can do the same.
Its hard to imagine how so many never venture out of thier own state, and some have never left thier own county.

That’s awesome! Ive been to several states, I agree Colorado was very nice!

It easier for me to list the States I have not visited Wis Mich and Maine my favorites are Tenn Wa and Co

ya made a great trip congradulations

I’ve driven through a lot, but there were some i technically was in but never got off the highway.

I took the PCH from LA to Washington state dippng inland once in a while.

Would have loved to spend more time in California but it would have prevented me from seeing otber states in the time frame I allotted.

Getting my mind back in work mode will be tough… my business partners ride as well…they want us to do a lighthouse adventure on the east coast this fall.

Maine is the lighthouse state.

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state.

1700 Miles driving 40 hours straight… you are an animal.

Would have loved to see both Maine and Michigan more however when covering so many states one has to decide which ones to hit and which ones to breeze through.

The 1700 mile leg was really insane… I fell asleep on the bike for several seconds at a time…only to be awaken by my arms jerking because I was so tired…in retrospect I would not do that again, although I did several 20+ hours legs thereafter.

I was in Oregon at the time and really didn’t have any desire to see anything west of Seattle, Washington until I got to Yellowstone. The Shoshone Mountains were awesome but then again compared to the Rockies…well, you know what I mean.

I dont think I will be up toward Michigan anytime soon but I really do want to hit Maine and in particular New Hamshire and Vermont…would love to see upstate NY in greater detail.

I was wanting to spend time at the various monument in Washington DC but being that I was carrying a .45 I was told I could only pass through DC…not stop…same thing with New Jersey. I plan on going to Arlington Cemetery in the next few months…after all none of this would have been possible except for those who ultimate sacrifice made it possible for all of us to enjoy so many of the blessings we often take for granted.

very nice, glad you are back safe