$499 value. Full blown version of HIP from Dominic. To win you must...

To win you must solve Nick’s riddle (below) to Nick’s satisfaction. If you are an existing HIP user, you don’t qualify for this contest. There may be more than one solution, but you have to post MY solution.

If the home is correctly built
I’ll be installed on a slight tilt
Between my sections, you don’t want gaps
My additional parts include outlets and caps

What am I?


$649 value actually!

Well I bought HIP about a year ago…

Wow! Who wants it?

More than one solution but they must post your solution ?

Correct, just in case someone comes up with a second solution. I believe there is only one correct solution though.


Chris Ivy wins! Congrats Chris!

Plumbing drain lines…

Awesome thank you

The correct answer is gutter. Chris got it.

Gutters are correctly installed on a tilt. They have sections (gutter sections). There shouldn’t be gaps between those sections. Additional parts include outlets (drop outlets) and caps (end caps).

5 clues packed into that riddle!

I can think of more than one …hint… 1/4 inch per foot slope rules .

Dominic, can you hook Chris up with HIP, the best reporting software in the world?

Congats Chris.
HIP is fantastic…You are now a Hippie.

Bob, I’m curious, what was your runner-up solution to the riddle?

Yup, I definitely can! Chris, send me your email address and how you want your name and company name written out on the report to Help@HomeInspectorPro.com and I’ll get you going. Congrats!

I was going to say Gutters. I was a little slow.

Almost became a Hippie.

A DWV line isn’t necessarily installed on a tilt, an outlet isn’t an additional part, and it doesn’t necessarily have a cap.

Gutter is the solution. All 5 clues within the riddle apply. Congrats Chris.

Thanks Dominic!