5 $1,000.00 checks to pay for your CMI professional designation. Note Rules...

To win:

  1. You can’t already be a Certified Master Inspector.
  2. You have to qualify… or you can hold the check until you do qualify.

First 5 to reply win.

Merry Christmas.

Donated by Nick.

Chuck Evans
Stagecoach, TX


Cameron Anderson
Peoria, IL

Jim Coleman
Edmond, OK

Please ship to:
Jim Coleman
12801 Fox Hole Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Thanks, Merry Christmas!!

Timothy J. Smith
North Augusta, ON Canada

Troy Pappas
Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Mike Hazelwood
Bakersfield, California

Doug Pennell
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
K7R 3L1

Troy Weiland
Marshfield, WI


Bob Elliott
Harwood Heights,Il

Dan Levia
Red Deer

Ron Cleland
Hutchinson, MN.

Martin Karl
Staunton, IL

Nick, that is awesome!!


This is a great gift. I was planning on applying in the new year anyways. Awesome.

Fantastic gift, Nick. Wish I would have been quicker on the keyboard. Maybe next Christmas :frowning: