5.4 quake in Chicago

Looks like there might be some insurance inspections coming up for the Illinois inspectors. :shock:

Epicenter was near Louisville, Kentucky. :shock:

LOOOOOONG ways from Chicago!

Was that in the middle of the night? I woke my wife up in the middle of the night and told her we were having an earthquake. A few seconds later it was over? Just wondering. We are on the New Madrid Fault right within 40 mins of Reelfoot Lake that was created by an earthquake.

Talked to my daughter this morning who lives just outside St. Louis. They felt it very strong there but no damage or anything. Just woke everyone up at 4:30 am that’s all.


Ya it was around that time, I knew I was not totally crazy

5.4? That’s hardly worth even getting out of bed. . . :smiley:

My wife and I woke up instantly and we’re only 50 miles from Wisconsin border. A strange echo sound bouncing off the outside buildings and some vibration from a quake 350 miles away.

The largest earth quake in history was in that area.

I just hope everyone is ok in all the areas that got hit…thats all that matters.


Earthquakes in the midwest? A foot of hail in Texas? :shock:

Lots of strange stuff going on. :shock:

Yes, the San Madrid fault I believe. Pray that never happens again because the same quake would devestate an area from Memphis - southern Illinois - St. Louis. The last one in the 1800’s was so powerful there are stories of church bells ringing in the Philadelphia - Boston areas.

Yep. Scared the wife. She said the whole house was shaking for about 90 seconds, she couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t even wake up until about the last good shake of the bed. I thought it was just thunder and the wind.

The local news is reporting the level at 5.2 with the epicenter in a small town in IL about 130 miles east of St. Louis on the Indiana border.

Felt it here, northern Indiana.

Anyone ever read the book 8.4 (or close)? Scarry.

yes, very good book about a quake on the Madrid

I am just outside of Chicago and it woke my wife. It shook the downtown buildings including the Sears tower according to security there. I believe the San Madrid fault is the largest or longest fault in the country.

Anyway, I know the reasoning behind having inspections after the quake. But, why would there be inspections for HI’s? Wouldn’t the insurance companies do the inspection? Or do the insurance companies hire HI’s to do the inspection? Or maybe the homeowner wants a second opinion? Or maybe I am too new to know what I am talking about? The latter being the more probable answer.

Don’t forget the tornado in a big city.

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5.4 earthquake? We don’t get out of bed unless it’s above a 6 in California.

Now it it rains 1/4 of an inch there will be 1,000 traffic jams and a 10 minute drive turns into 2 hours as people here don’t understand the concept of oil and water not mixing.

This was just a warm up, the big ones coming your way.:stuck_out_tongue:

You wouldn’t survive here, we’ve said records for total rainfall in both Feb. and March. It’s raining here now, after the 2 ‘big’ morning earthquakes.

I like rain, that’s why I want to move out of here! I lived in the mountains here for 10 years. It’s these other folks that can’t figure rain out :slight_smile:

The big one coming here… that’s another reason to get the heck out!