5 Log Home Inspection Checklists from Kenton. First 5 win.

Here is the product: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/log-home-inspection-checklist.aspx

First 5 who reply win. Winners should email sales@inspectoroutlet.com with “Log home inspection checklist” in the subject line.

Merry Christmas from Kenton.

Yuri Olhovsky CMI
Richmond Hill, ON

Martin Karl
Staunton, IL


Jim Horton
Kokomo, IN

Jim Coleman
Edmond, OK

PASS, just bought it!!

Doug Pennell
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
K7R 3L1

Peter Russell
Alton Bay NH

Troy Pappas
Virginia Beach, VA
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

mark raumikaitis
Derry NH

Ron Gurgol
Salem, Indiana

David O’Keefe
Delmar, NY

Pass. Merry Christmas

Thats one I likely will not come across ever in my area :frowning:

I think it would be cool but so would the creepy crawlies.