50 City Tour the talk of Inspection World

I just got back from Inspection World in Orlando where I was helping the folks at EliteMGA work their E & O Insurance booth. It was my first IW Convention. I thought that it was pretty well attended but the oldtimers were telling me that attendance was way off. And the number of vendors, as well.

The very first person I saw was Russell Buchanan who arrived just after us. Russell is one of the sponsors of the 50 City Tour which starts next Wednesday in Dallas. Later I ran into Ben Garrison at the bar and we were later joined by the EliteMGA crew. Eventually, we all had dinner together.

Ken Compton, my partner on the 50 City Tour, drove down from Jasper, GA to help with the EliteMGA booth. Ken was an enormous help as he gave a short tutorial to the ElitaMGA staffers on how to attract conventioneers to your booth. By and by, the crew was overwhelmed with HIs seeking insurance quotes.

Several alumni of the Law and Disorder Seminar stopped by to say hello. I also finally met an HI from Long Island on whose behalf I have sent two claimants packing.

Everyone was talking about the 50 City Tour. One of the speakers at the convention was a Law and Disorder alumnus and a member of Ken Compton’s coaching group. He told the HIs who were attending his class that it would be a huge mistake to miss hearing us speak when we came to a city near them.

InterNACHI members would have to be certifiably insane not to attend. To them, not only is the cost only $99 (after $100 credit on next year’s dues), but the Tour’s sponsors are giving premiums to each attendee that are worth hundreds of dollars more.

Non-members would be even crazier because they receive a free InterNACHI membership.

If you are serious about your profession and you want to learn how to minimize and virtually eliminate your professional liability exposure and also learn how to dramatically increase your business volume, the decision to attend this seminar is a no-brainer.

I hope to see you there. But hurry, there are only 50 seats available at each venue and seats are filling up fast.

Dam I wish I had known that you were in Orlando.

Greg - For the last time, I’m not playing No Limit Hold 'em with you!!