50 Cycle

I am getting this second hand from the wife .
I just did an inspection and the lady sent the report to her husband In the UK .
Have no Idea what equipment he has .
He is wondering can he use his 240 v equipment over here to use .
I can see nothing wrong except he would need 240 volt supply to it ,
Does any one have thoughts on 240 motors how long would they last on 60 cycle and what would this do to the efficiency.
How about small motors like fans etc. Of course clocks would run fast .
I believe computers would be OK as I think they are converted to DC some one can correct me if I am wrong any other thoughts.
Roy Cooke

If he uses the equipment between the two hot wires you would be correct, but the house is not setup up as such.

If it is a desktop computer needs to have a switchable powersupply from 240 to 120 or the powersupply in order to work proper (there are some which switch automatically). If it is a notebook he needs to check the AC Adapter. Most of them are set fot an Input of 100V-240V 50-60Hz, so there is no problem and that is valid for all electronic equipment like printer, fax, alarm clock, digital camera, DVD player etc.

The motors would not perform with 120V very well and on 240V(60Hz) you will have slightly higher reactance (inductive resistance) which means a slightly lower torque.

But the biggest issue he phases is that all his the plugs will need adapters.

UK TV’s are PAL system as here is the NTSC system used. If he wants to play DVD’s from Europe and US he needs a all/multi Region Player. Same is probably valid for DVD Player on the computer (depending of age of computer DVD).


here ya go…nice article on it for ya…


Perfect this is well explained .
I tried to talk to her and she was passing information back and forth .
Thanks all for the impute .
This BB gets a question asked and many get information .
This just proves how the old story the only dumb question is the one you do not ask .
Roy Cooke

Yep…the more brains working together the more info that comes from it…:slight_smile:

You can’t really make a blanket statement. I suppose he could install 240v receptacles for some of the equipment, some, like the computer will have a switchable 120/240 supply and don’t care about frequency. Universal (brush) motors don’t care either, they even run on DC. Some things, like TVs simply won’t work. The broadcast standard is different. (PAL vs NTSC). In most cases it is probably cheaper to buy US appliances when they get here.