$50 Visa gift card (good as cash) from FREA. First to post wins.

First to post their name, city, state/province wins.

The $50 was donated by FREA who provides InterNACHI members with free General Liability insurance: www.nachi.org/freegl.htm



Gerry Pallotta

orting, wa

rick maday
Itasca, IL

Greg bell titiusville fl

Nice job Greg

Mike Roberson
Scottville Mi

Nope, not Greg…

nick, Gary wins, thought I’d help you out . . . or do you count Greg’s signature?

The signature counted last year. That is why it is there.

But Nick may have changed the rules this year.

Ahhh…very nice

I count Greg’s signature, its part of the post. Greg wins!

WTG Greg…

Didn’t see your sig first time. :mrgreen:

I’ll let someone else win the next one just as long as it isn’t the Flir camera.

Guess I’m tweaking my sig. :slight_smile:

Ah, a signature worth a lot more than $50.00.
Way to go, Greg.

We all know the Flir isn’t going to be posted untill after 9 pm tonight to build suspense … or will it hmmmmmmmm :wink:

I gave away my secret last year. I can tell by looking on the board that some of you remember it.