50 year old water heat plus

And it still is puttin’ out hot water .
I old man told me it was used when he put it in in …Are you ready…1963.
I really tried to look for a friggin label with ser and mod, but the 25 plus cats and litter boxes surrounding me kept me at bay. I’ve hack hairballs all day long!And that ain’t the worst of it all.
There were 5 or more cats on the counter where I put my bag and clip board with field report cleanly laid out. I am very anial about being clean. My wife says I’d put Monk to shame!
I’m standing there filling the report out when one of the cats sneezed and sprayer what appeared to be blood all over my report and all my crap!
The whole friggin place smell of cat pee.
I may need to seek help! I can’t get it outa my nose!
This was a Florida 4-Pt.

That’s impressive. I can’t get a water heater to last longer than 4 years. At least the warranty has been covering the WH itself. Then I do the installation.

I can’t help but imagine that %50 plus of the tank is clogged with minerals.

No doubt, especially if on a well!

You can’t seem to get that smell out no matter what. I did a H.I. 3 yrs ago on a place with seemed like 30 cats in the place, I had to wear a mask the whole time. Buyers were from out of state, I sent them extra photos of the cats every where, they got the idea. It’s still for sale if your interested. I can still smell it when I drive by it.

I took a shower , jumped into the hot tub, washed my nose out with salt water and I still smell cat s h i t.

Boil vinegar… Steam bath.

Sam you want me to get into an Italian dressing’ steam bath? Huh!

Lol … Not sure about getting it out of your taste buds… But I know steaming a room with vinegar will remove odors.

Try gargling it. :slight_smile:

50 years of 30 cats, more than likely beyond that trick. :neutral:
Hope there nothing waiting for you when you get back in your vehicle in the morning:shock:

I was asked to assess a meth lab fire room once. I walked in and never touched one thing with anything other than the soles of my shoes. I got in my van to make the 2 hour drive back and could still smell it. I rode with the windows down for the trip (winter in MI) had to wash everything I was wearing and take two showers to get the smell out. My van smelled like it the next day sprayed my seat down with Odoban and my boots. Did the trick.
Good luck!

Only way to get the odor out is to burn it…:shock::p:mrgreen: