$500.00 Bass Pro Shop shoping spree First 1 to reply win




Ken Lott Monroe, Ga.

Pay up Frank :wink:

Man you guys are ready and waitng:mrgreen:

Congrats Frank! . . . lets take a vote to see if he should pay up!

Ray Thoroman, Gainesville GA

I am sorry I was getting board waiting myself on ol St. Nick and thought we could use a little humor.

damn it…and i was first for once!

Congrats Frank???

I’d thought congrats to Rodney. His was the first reply!

Mighty generous of you Frank!

Frank you’ve been in that sleeping bag toooo long.

It’s good that you’re willing to spend $500.00 on a little humour.

I’m sure Rodney will appreciate it.

You DO plan on delivering on your promise, DON’T YOU?

I believe he owes $500.00

yeah frank…cough it up buddy…

I was the first to reply:):slight_smile:

Using your logic, Nick would win every prize.

You can’t reply to something that doesn’t exist.

Action vs reaction

Your’s was the action.

Rodney’s was the reaction and the first REPLY!

Suck it up and Pay up!

It’s a party Erby try and enjoy it. :slight_smile:

I’m trying, Frank. I’m trying. But, I’m having a really difficult time dealing with my disappointment that Rodney beat me to be the first to REPLY to your generous offer of a $500.00 shopping Spree.

I’m sure Rodney is having a much better time than I as he awaits the arrival of your kind generosity!

Frank will make good. He is a man of his word.