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In InterNACHI’s article “14 Steps that Help Inspectors Avoid Lawsuits” what is step #6?

#6 Turn away some consumers.

You don’t have to accept work from everyone who wants to retain you. If a client starts off being difficult or unreasonable, it usually gets worse, not better. While it may be hard to walk away from an inspection fee, it’s sometimes cheaper in the long run.

Furthermore, an added bonus to refusing to allow these consumers to become clients is that they become your competitors’ clients. Pity those competitors.

Turn away some customers


#6 Turn away some consumers.

Turn away some consumers

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turn away some consumers
Mike Auger
Warwick RI

Turn away some customers

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Turn away some consumers

Jeff Green turn away some consumers

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BTW: Here is the article: http://www.nachi.org/avoiding-lawsuits.htm

Turn away some consumers.
Rob Nusbaum
Toledo OH

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