504 Gateway Time-out

Been getting 504 Gateway Time-out this morning…
What’s up with that?

Me too

me 3.

The Russians.

You are probably correct!:smiley:

Usually caused by a DNS error. Your local service provider might be having problems. Change your primary DNS to . That’s googles DNS server, which has so many mirrors it is virtually impregnable to failure. Your secondary DNS server could be set to which covers the eventuality that “virtually” actually happens.

I that’s not the case, then it could be the server you are trying to connect to not being able to get a response from a computer it is trying to connect to. If this is the problem then there’s pretty much nothing you can do. Just keep checking internet outages. ( http://www.outageanalyzer.com/ )

The North American eastern seaboard Internet2 is not responding normally which may mean a lot of traffic is being dumped onto the Internet you guys all know and love causing slowdowns.