53,000 inspectors registered for InterNACHI's inspection message board.

53,004 inspectors took the time to register to use this message board.

Together they made 1,468,550 posts.

Are there really that many home inspectors? Seems like a lot.
Over 1000 per state average and that’s only the ones who signed.

Just cause I was curious:
Approximately 5 million single family homes were sold in 2014 / 53000 Internachi members at an average of 94 homes inspected to each inspector.

If you get $400 per inspection the average Internachi inspector makes approx $37,000 a year (estimate)
$350 per inspection $32,000 approx a year

No, if you click on the “Community” tab of this message board, it brings up a dropdown list.

Click on “User List”

Then Click on “Join Date” to sort by date joined.

You’ll see all 53,000 inspectors who registered, but that has been since August 4, 2002. Many have retired, sold their businesses, quit the inspection business, died, etc. There are only about 25,000 home inspectors active in North America.

Good to know. Thanks

54,000. That means that this message board, in little more than 2 months, gained another 1,000 registered users.

And altogether, in that short time period, they added another 20,000 posts.

Again… your thread titles are misleading, bordering on fantasy…

No-o-o… looks like

to me. So, contrary to your thread title, the other 41,000 must be non-inspectors, as they are not Internachi members and therefore are unverifiable.

Have a nice Independence Day!

Now Jeff. You know that the vast majority of other registered names are all Ray Wand aliases. :wink:

I’d say the Currently Active Users: 358 (358 registered users and 0 guests) is more important.

We see how many people log on, make one or two posts, then are never heard from again.

Active Users: 4,761 Not even 10% participate. :shock:

Nope. Read it again. It says 12,039 registered users on pages 1-30. There aren’t just 30 pages (that’s all a search displays at once). There are 402 pages of registered users: https://www.nachi.org/forum/users/index402.html totaling 54,000+ registered users.

At any one time there are between 300 and 700 registered users using the message board (about as many as our industry’s major conventions) and a couple thousand visitors who haven’t taken the time to register. If you randomly click on the user list sorted alphabetically (by clicking on the User Name tab) and then look at the number of posts column, you’ll see a healthy mix of posts by our users. Check out 5 or 6 pages to see what I mean.

Congrats Nick

50,000, 5,000, 500, anyone else would be tooting their own horn as well.

Regardless, all are impressive numbers - Congrats Nick on a continually successful website and org.

Don’t forget your northern neighbor and all the other countries.

Great numbers Nick!
You’re the king mate!