55 page wind mit

What you fail to realize is that the form they use, is very easy to fill out. Most of it is done before they leave the office. All the inspector has to do us insert pictures and a small amount of text.

Mine, Johns, and a bunch of other peoples forms are very similar. And, you don’t hear us complaining. …I know…sheep…right?

I’m using John S. Fillable wind mitigation form and it is easy to fill out. Save me time and money:D

Ya ever do a 55 page report???

Then shuuuuush you’re just talking smack. Thats me being nice :slight_smile:

No 55 page report for me:mrgreen:

Theres not enough hours in a day for that. I’ll stick with the traditional 4 page report with pictures.

BTW with these post don’t give the OIR tips. Don’t want to see a revised 1802 with pages added:D

You don’t actually think the next form will be better for us and make more sense do you?

If you believe it will I have lost all faith in you :slight_smile: or :frowning: Whichever the case may be.

Who knows. All we can do is hope. But not holding my breath:(

Most of us will adapt. …I am sure you will still be whining for 40 bucks a pop!

Honestly I really don’t have too much problem with the 1802. There are something that I would like to see. I saw on the old form they had gable bracing and Reinforced Concrete Block Wall. Why did they get rid of this? And I’m only curious cause I have been doing wind mit’s for a couple of months. So just wanting to know why they got rid of this.