56,000 inspectors have now taken the time to register for InterNACHI's message board.

56,000 inspectors took the time to register for this message board. Together, they have made more than 1.5 million posts.

Previously, we hit 55,000 registered users back on August 8, 2016: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/55-000-inspectors-have-now-registered-international-association-certified-home-inspectorss-message-board-113789/#post1543137

That means another 1,000 inspectors took the time to register to be users of this message board in just the past 37 days.

Wait, can that be right?

Yep, nearly 1,000 inspectors a month are registering to use InterNACHI’s message board.

Are you absolutely sure those are all Inspectors? That # is really high. I’m not questioning you Nick but those #'s are really up there. I’m thinking around 30,000 Inspectors worldwide.

Correct. But the 56,000 number is since August 4, 2002.

The number of users is auto generated by vBulletin, the maker of our message board software and is displayed at the bottom of www.nachi.org/forum

The number of inspectors who joined InterNACHI isn’t much less. 946 inspectors joined InterNACHI in the same time frame.


I also agree, very impressive

Amazing! InterNACHI continues to lead the way.

Nearly a thousand new users a month on this message board. Our poor I.T. department.