6 boxes of Door Prizes shipped to the Melbourne meeting.

Don’t miss it!



Resistance is futile!!! :slight_smile:

How many shipped to the Alberta meeting?

Any clues what some of the prizes are? hehe

Boxes?, Boxes, I have to go, are these boxes I might win I need to know. Try as I might I can’t desist the boxes of fun are too hard to resist.

I’ll be sending another box or two on Monday.

My mother in law!

LOL, Dennis. Wish I could fit mine in a box!..hehehe.

On that note… Is it to late to cancel? :roll: lol

Brian, who knew you were a poet? :smiley:

thank you so much! :d

Nick, THANK YOU for helping us put together a TERRIFIC meeting. The Inspectors are going to get so much out of the day with all of the AWESOME guests and giveaways!