6 figure inspection biz for sale

I know of a single man, full service home inspection company for sale in the Orlando area. contact me at curtiskloc@gmail.com

full business plan, social media, marketing & prospecting plans, all reports fully automated… great opportunity for someone new to the business, owner is moving out of state

all forum trolls please refrain from comments, thanks

Single inspector companies are a dime a dozen. Why haven’t you grown to a multi-inspector firm with over 6 years in the business?? Full business plan? Yeah, right. Good luck.
Next troll please.

Sorry worked great for us 14 years and we sold our Company .
Every one is happy .
Its still a one person operation .
Most in our area are a one person operation .
. I think about 90% are one person operation .
Buying out an existing successful operation is a good way to go in My opinion .

i have about the same number of performed inspections as people have posts on this forum… if you’re efficient and talented, you don’t outsource the most profitable portion of the business. and i don’t have time to troll the forums.


Good luck, I to will be selling one day.

If anyone is looking to buy it and has general questions, I am in East central Florida and would be happy to help.

john, you’re wife was a big help with the ISN network… i’ve heard great things about you and your business. i’m selling because an opportunity came up in colorado that i can’t pass up :slight_smile:

I can’t blame you for that trade.

Anything else available there :slight_smile: Good Luck.

Good luck!