6 floor Condo 24 unit the main is Zinsco

6 floor Condo 24 unit the main is Zinsco
the unit electric meter have all been update to 200 amp
all unit panel at the meter are Zinsco
the giant main is Zinsco … it leaking, corroded, there is another panel also there that is newer which as the elevator and other common area listed on the legend but not the units.

My Question is what is the best professional way to tell or inform the 24 families about this fire hazard?


other panel

floor by the panel

1st thing… Make sure you don’t get in between the owners, contractors or utility company it is outside your scope and under the jurisdiction of other authorities apart from the Realtors.

This is a obsolete panel with established potential hazard which has become unrepairable. High repair costs along with deferred maintenance are most likely the reason the condition has deteriorated to the levels seen. This is not a homeowner or DIY repair project as permits and deenergizing the building will be required by a licensed electrician and possibly the utility company.


Do you have a picture of inside the panel? Those are not the breakers normally associated with Zinsco/Sylvania failures. The more common failure types look like this: