6 foot clearance for counduit??

Hi Electrical Experts,

Considering the rule for having 6 foot of clearance for electrical cables from the scuttle hole entrance. Does this apply for conductors run through conduit also?? Is it OK to have these whithin 6 foot of the scuttle hole?

By the way, this seemed to be a pretty stellar wiring job from what I could see. What do you guys think?




100_4205 (Small).JPG

100_4208 (Small).JPG

100_4209 (Small).JPG

No, if they are in conduit or protected they are ok.
You do not want someone grabbing romex or throwing stuff into the attic on unprotected romex.

Since this could be a code question. :wink:

If I remember right, it’s not 6 foot of ‘clearance’ just that anything inside of 6 feet must be physically protected. Things like being stepped on, etc.


More importantly did you check the coffee cans for cash?

NO cash!..I looked in every one of them :-)…