6 more tricks/tips for landing a seller inspection...then turning into 30 inspections

  1. Aside from having committed the talking points http://www.moveincertified.com/agents to memory before you go see that listing agent with 25 listings that aren’t selling (remember, she’s all ears in this market but might still not be able to hear)… make sure you carry in one of these signs: http://www.nachi.org/micsigns2008.htm Listing agents understand signs. Carrying the sign into the office will help you help her get her head around the whole idea of generating foot traffic with seller inspections. If you do it right, she will be relieved to be able to suggest something to her clients with listings that need fresh ideas.
  2. Don’t print out 1 copy of your report for the seller. Print out 25. Leave them on his kitchen counter with a “Free-Take Me” tent card so that every buyer who tours the home ends up with an actual copy of the product that you produce. These buyers are about to buy a home and hire an inspector in your market. Target marketing doesn’t get any better than this!
  3. Include a little flyer with your contact information at the bottom inside each copy of those seller inspection reports that the buyers are grabbing. The flyer should promote the use of seller inspections by you. Talking points for the flyer are found here: http://www.moveincertified.com/sellers You should also be asking every buyer you work for if they want a seller inspection.
  4. Call the seller every 2 weeks and ask if he would like you to print off and mail him (or drop by) more copies of his inspection report to leave on the kitchen counter. Don’t let him run out. Your report better than any brochure.
  5. Make sure you ask the seller if he is moving inside your market area and ask him if you can do that inspection. You almost always will get the inspection on the home the seller is moving to.
  6. Once you’ve inspected the home the seller is selling, and the home the seller is buying, you’re family! Ask him to have you return for an annual inspection each year. www.OverSeeIt.com Do this on all your inspections and in 4 years you won’t have time to do inspections for new clients.
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All good tips and advice Nick thanks.

Good Tips…it is true about the target market not better way than to hit your target market directly, your report is such an important tool that can be used effectively in marketing.

Thanks for the tips, I’ve had almost complete resistance to “selers inspections” so far. I’m going to try this route - wish me good luck!!


Hello Nick; Well lets try this again . I have created my own version of the move in certified sign in which I use . I have only placed Three so far (Lost one of them . ) working on trying to find a stratagy that will help promote and get Realestate agents fired up here in North west ohio area to reall push the Idea . Its a slow market here in ohio and they dont want to jepordise there sales as they say. It really hard here in my home towm to bring about change . Never the less Im sticking to it and just dowhat I do best And thats give my clients the information they need to help them make a choice in buying a home . see attached sign Thanks and have a happy thanks giving, to all .Denny L West Top To Bottom Home & Property Inspections of Bowling Green Ohio.

Just placed my order and mailed out my 250 free leads. Wish me luck.

Nick, This seems to be a great stategy and one I will be trying to get started in my area where the Real Estate market has dried right up. Thanks for the great advice.


Thanks for the great advice!!


I like the idea of the yard signs,I have had pretty good luck so far with pre-listing inspections I try to make the realtor understand how much easier it will make there job, and the seller to understand the value of this report.

I got a hold of the realtors in the areas that I cover, and sent them a Agent letter about pre-certified home inspections (letter from Nachi) I also tell them that I warranty my work (Mountain Home Warranty) they are so excited that they are calling their sellers to set up a MIC due to the homes being on the market for so long. You will find your hungry agents out there. Hold a presentation, or this is my next thing to do - I use to work for a company that does vacations for a 7day 6 night stay in Orlando on site and also a Bahamma Cruise for 4 days and 3 nights - I can get this for $125.00 and can be used anytime up to 2 years. I think this would be a great incentive for a realtor to move on those MIC’s. What I plan on doing is the 1st agent to hit 25 inspections in a month will receive this vacation. What do you all think? If you think it would work and you are interested in doing same I can give you the # of the people I use for vacations. Good Luck and never stop!!

Elite Home Inspectors, Inc.

I think offering vacations to realtors for using your service is a violation of the Code of Ethics.

I think if you find an individual agent who is closing on 25 houses every month, that they aren’t having them inspected.

Skip the paper - leave CD/DVD copies in cases - you can add a ton of extra (marketing)stuff on there.

So how would that work? People would probably want to look through the report onsite while their walking through. Do you put a small tv/dvd player combo on the counter? In putting a report on a cd/dvd can they view it on a tv screen?

How would that work?

I could see the benefit of doing something like that due to the fact that printing out 25 color copies of my report would mean that I would go through 10-15 ink cartridges at a cost of $25 each which if I did that for multiple homes it would be quite the little investment. Where as cd/dvd would be a lot less cost.

Good point, Scott.

In this age, digital media is where it’s at - you can convey so much more than with printer and paper.

Perhaps a solution would to be to leave a few hardcopies (to be left behind) and a bunch of CDs (to take home).

The MIC inspections (if anyone does them regularly) can be seen as a marketing opportunity (and costs put in that category), just like agents holding the open houses to get new clients.