6-story commercial inspection? No problem, we'll bring Kenton's 105-foot ladder

My drone is more affordable.

I’ll bet that thing was about 1/2 million$ new. What year?

  1. Probably close to that. Once it becomes unrealistic to keep putting money into an older fire truck in order to comply with new insurance and especially NFPA requirements, it makes more sense to buy an new truck than to keep upgrading an old truck. https://global.discourse-cdn.com/internachi/original/3X/f/c/fcfb85a68b2badf2927df3fc636ae73904b4ee8a.mov https://global.discourse-cdn.com/internachi/original/3X/f/c/fcfb85a68b2badf2927df3fc636ae73904b4ee8a.mov

Do you take credit cards.