60,000 inspectors took the time to register to use InterNACHI message board.

60,000 registered users!

At $500 per year= $30,000,000.00 Way to go Nick!!!

Registering to participate on the MB and paying to become a member of InterNACHI are two completely different things. I’m willing to bet at least 40,000 of the ones who “registered” are not in business anymore.

Good point Chris. So Nick, just how many dues paying members are there? I’ve only been a member for about a year, so I’m just curious?

About 18,000 in North America: www.nachi.org/nachi-stats updates in live time. InterNACHI’s revenue from dues in 2016 was $6,693,263.00. An increase of 29.76% over last year. We expect to hit 8.5 million in dues revenue in 2017.