60 Amp meter base

Is it ok to have a 60 amp meter base with a 100 amp box inside a home or would the base have to be upgraded to a 100 amp. Is there a chance the incoming wires could over loaded

The base can only be used as an “indicator.” You cannot use the base to definitively determine capacity.

What was the size of the conductors feeding the panel?

My understanding is if you have a 100 amp drop line and 100 amp entrance cable running thru the older style round 60 amp meter base it is permissable or say grandfathered in. A 100 amp meter will fit into a 60 amp base. Any newer work would of course require the newer 100 amp square box.

Heck, permissable or not, the POCO can do damned near anything they want. They are the utility Gods in most areas! Don’t like their service or answers, get your power from someone else!!!

Good luck with that.

I’m not so sure that the utility would allow a 60 amp meter enclosure on a 100 amp service. Also terminating 100 amp conductors in the 60 amp base may present a problem.