60-day free trial for InterNACHI members from PlaceFull Online Scheduling.


I’ve asked the owner to come on this thread and answer questions you might have about their privacy policy.

What is the optional assistant fee?

Hey Chris,

Good question!

My name is Adam Lang, I am the Marketing Manager at PlaceFull. We normally charge a $149 optional assistant fee to help you create your first listing and activate your account. However this optional fee is only $49 for InterNACHI members. Think of this fee as extra guidance to get started with PlaceFull. You can avoid this fee entirely by entering your business name and hitting get started at the URL below. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.

Hey Jeffrey,

My name is Adam Lang, I am the Marketing Manager at PlaceFull. I noticed you posted a link to our privacy policy. Do you have any specific questions about it? Please let me know if I can help in anyway.

Thanks Adam.

Adam, call Lisa Endza. Her number is in www.nachi.org/contact.htm and get set up with a vendor membership which will come with a username and password for this message board so that you don’t have to wait for your posts to be moderated.

Nope. It is what it states, and I posted it as a reminder to all that they should be reviewing it before signing up with ANY program, not just yours.

The first thing I do with any new vendor offering is read their Privacy Policy. Most never pass this critique. My Clients privacy is of utmost importance to the reputation of my company. I will forego a ‘good deal’ every day of the week to protect them/it.

I have recently extended this stance to my linking with other inspector websites. I now refuse to link with, and am actively removing links as discovered, of any inspector website that does not hold to MY standards, primarily by utilizing the services of vendors with poor Privacy Policies. There are many inspectors that have negatively commented on my new policy, but too bad. I don’t need their links that bad to compromise my personal and business ethics.

Btw… I won’t be signing up for your service. Thanks for the offer anyway. Have a great week.

Why would anyone prefer this over ISN ?

No thanks, (http://www.inspectionsupport.net/features/)
You won’t last long here. Good luck.

Once you spend the time to setup ISN, switching seems pointless at any price level.

Look at Bob championing for ISN, what a difference a month makes:D

Glad to see you moved over to the dark side.

Not sure what you mean.
ISN does not sell private client information like some here do.