64 yards.

A new record.

Sweet! 192 Feet

Patriots steal another one…Sorry Cleveland (not really)

Actually the record is 67 yards by a HIGH SCHOOL PLAYER. But if you only want to count the NFL, yeah, I guess 64 is the record. :wink:


Yay Matt Prater !

A lot of folks in Denver have a good reason to get high.

I will still take Robbie Gould over any other kicker in the NFL.
If he had not missed last Sunday he would have had the same distance record and taken over as most accurate in history.

And if I had hair, I wouldn’t be bald.

He is fully capable and was just short however his wife had a baby just before the game so timing was off.

As of right now he is the second most accurate in all of NFL history but that could change Monday night.

“Good as Gould”

How is that washed up outcast from Indianapolis doing ? :slight_smile:

For a good time go to Sturgis! Fins Up!

Tom Dempsey

Just like my kids…always making excuses.

George Blanda, Quarterback and Kicker

You have no idea the pain of a 53 year old Cleveland sports fan. No idea. :cry:

This is nothing, a mid season meaningless game for the Browns.

Good luck in the play offs, how you liking the no helmet to helmet rule now.
(Ward hit on your no longer available tight end)

No need to go into all the Cleveland sport debacles over the decades. (not enough characters to post here.

Ohio State is so over rated every year. Good to loose to a mediocre big 10 team then to get torched in a BS bowl by a SEC team.

By the way, I no longer actually watch the games, I just review the low lights. I can no longer spend 3 hours on a Sunday when I pretty much no the outcome.

The onside kick that Cleveland blew is because we have a bunch of no names on specialty teams, reminds me of the Adam Sandler movie waterboy.:-({|=:-({|=

I feel your pain, its has only been the last 15 or so years my football team has been good. We also had 86 years with the Red Sox.

At least you’re not a lions fan, like 58 years since hey won any playoff game.

PS, yeah the head to head rule is costing guys their ACL’s left and right now…they forced it to happen.