7-2 Property Inspection Report

Yeah, I’m sure your right…I misinterpreted my lying ears :mrgreen: Seriously, Robert is a good guy but he is new to TREC and has much to learn I suspect. In the meantime, he is still the primary voice of TREC to the inspector community. Perhaps now that the Mama Hen’s attention is not diverted to Administrative duties then these little issues can get resolved.

He is the first voice, not the primary voice. Consumer protection is the primary voice.

In my dealings with TREC if it don’t come from the top it means nothing.

If a rule has more than one interpretation then it is interpreted all ways. A staff person cannot expand or constrain interpretation based on personal preference. If the rule needs to be more precise it needs to be re-written. SPCB got into trouble trying to box in licensees beyond the intent of statute by making a lot of bad rules.

John, as Mike said there was no misinterpretation. I talked to him several times and after I pointed out several ambiguities in the TREC rules he calmed down and we had a great conversation. But he still said multiple times, the OP-I is a separate form. It cannot go where the TREC report says any additional info can go nor at the end. I quoted the same codes you gave me and it was a no go. Who would be considered the primary voice other than the rule being written into the next revision of the TREC form? In other words, who could I point to in case one of our inspectors gets told they are being fined or that we’re wrong for including it.

First call Larry Foster and explain the problem. Show him the rule i referenced. If he agrees with you he will help defend it. Having him on your side is necessary. If opposes you its over without a law suit. Once he agrees with you (and I suspect he will) you address all of the Commisioners, the Executive Director and TAR in individual certified letters. Then you ask them for a prompt interpretation. The way to beat this is to prove the benefit to the consumer and make it very public at the Comissioner level. Staff does not like a spot light. If they stonewall be prepared to go to your legislator with a cc to Perry.

I forgot to say. Embedding two forms into one PDF does not make it a single document. I can put many forms into one document. Simply argue the form is a separate document and sak TREC to show a rule that says a PDF is a single entity.

John…you’ve thrown names at Dominic that do not mean anything to him. He’s a California software developer.

I tried calling my CA legislator, he told me to go away that they’re too busy screwing our budget up right now, hehe :smiley:

I figured out Larry Foster was the Chairman by a quick Google search. Perry I couldn’t find though.

Uhhh…he’s the governor :mrgreen:

Let’s not take that route just yet. Call me after you’ve had time to think about this and I’ll help you however I can. Larry lives here in Austin and I can act as a go-between if needed.

btw…I’m signing off and shutting down for the night…really bad t’storms moving thru the area, sirens blaring, lightening…

LOL, that would explain why I couldn’t find his name with TREC :smiley:

Have a good night Mike, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.