70,000 To Visit CMI Booth

Booth manned by NACHI member/CMI Bob Francis of http://www.shamrockhomeinspections.com/index.html
at the International Home Show in Toronto… on Oct 5-8, 2007

Thanks for promoting CMI Bob!

We’ll need to overnight the CMI banner to Bob from Las Vegas to get it to Canada in time. We’ll be using it through the end of the business day on October 3rd…

How expensive is the banner . Might it be a good idea to get another made high speed shipping will soon eat up the price of another Banner, i think.
I have two NACHI table cloths that I send all over Canada as cross border shipping is expensive . … Cookie

It weighs 3.0 lbs. It comes in a cardboard blue print tube for shipping. I don’t see a price when it came to me. It’s probably $6 to $8 to ship by ground, but going to Canada will be an entirely different program, particularly when we’ll only have 2 days to get it there. This one appears to be a 3’ x 8’ vinyl banner. I’ve not opened the package, so I’m not sure what it looks like.

The display i ordered has a banner on top that says Certified Master Inspector .Plus i have a 36 inch dia Gold logo for the center. so we may not need the banner. It is suposto be here next week. once it gets here ill take some pictures of it and let you decide. http://www.displays2go.com/product.asp?ID=1809 This is a better picture of it.

Sorry it seems too much of a problem to ship it up here, I’ll work on something up here.

Thanks for trying.

Hey Robert;

I personally feel like the banner will better serve you at your convention, than us at the ITA expo. Sounds as though Henry has some other display materials anyway. If you’d like I’ll ship the banner to you early next week via regular mail. It shouldn’t be very expensive and you’ll have it in plenty of time for your event. Just hold onto it, until CMI decides where to ship it next.

What’s your shipping address?