7000 sq/ft home with HVAC concerns

Not worth the play on words. I was the industrial supply business for over 30 years. One of the first questions always asked, what is the temperature differential. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small HVAC system or a large cooling tower in a power plant. No one doing home inspections is breaking out the pressure gauges or checking draw on startup. Checking supply vs return ducts is just a first flag and not an indication that further evaluation is or is not required. Like everything else in an inspection, it is a report on how the system was functioning the day of the inspection. If the air coming out of the supply ducts is not cooler than the air being returned and I did not report it as such, you damn well better believe the complaints would be endless that I screwed the client over on the inspection and in their mind never even checked the system. Welcome to doing business in the Northeast.


It’s adequate just to report that heating/cooling was uneven throughout the home and recommend evaluation by a qualified contractor. The temperature splits are not as simple an indicator as is commonly thought. Indications by the same split differentials typically considered outside the norm can vary in different climate zones.


Most states don’t require you to confirm capacity or balance. There should be a comment about this in your report.

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I just completed a 7,000 square foot home. 3 4 ton AHJ. That’s 12 thousand BTU.

If you have the label from the condenser/compressor or Evaporator cabinet post the MN/Model Number and SN/Serial Numbers please.

12000 BTU = 1 Ton last time I looked

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Yup, Scott, you have it correct, as a rule of thumb. :smile:

Not in Robert’s world.

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Must be the Canadian Metric conversion thing! :wink:

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Robert has a world? :crazy_face:

World of Inspector Fantasy, can’t believe anything verbatim. :grinning:

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It’s a world of alternate reality where anything is possible! Of course to get there you must travel through his mind. NAAAH that’s OK! :rofl:

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12000 Btu/hr = 1 ton.
Btu is a unit of energy.
Ton is a measure of power.

Look, I’m pretty new to this InterNACHI group. I’ve been in the construction trades and low voltage telecom industry for 30 plus years. and I think this should just come back to keeping it simple and uncomplicated. Just stick to the SOP and you can’t go wrong or make yourself liable for any assumptions.
According to the Standards of Practice

I. The inspector shall inspect:

  1. the cooling system, using normal operating controls.

II. The inspector shall describe:

  1. the location of the thermostat for the cooling system; and

  2. the cooling method.

III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

  1. any cooling system that did not operate; and
  2. if the cooling system was deemed inaccessible.
    Stick to the standard. Best of luck!

Indeed Bert.
But in the HVAC business you will find that its X Tons of cooling to cool a house/building.
The sensible and latent cooling load comes out as a BTU’s and CFM but the end result is “What Ton units(s) is this going to require?”

It’s not “BTU”, Scott.
its Btu/hr.

I was correcting your unit conversion, not that refrigeration load is measured in tons. I know this is nit-picking, but I only corrected you because you were trying to correct someone else’s post (with snark) and made a mistake.
12000 BTU = 1 Ton last time I looked”

Going down the road of judging capacity adequacy in a home inspection is like lining up your teeth for a horse kick.

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Switch to decaf Bert.
I have sold, sized, designed duct/controls for and installed many an HVAC system.

Bert meet Scott…both good guys. You guys are both smart and can learn from each other, too.

Have fun!.. :smile:

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Sorry Scott. Keep up the good work.

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Actually, this is a good discussion! Good thing you didn’t explain or ask why it’s 12,000BTUs and not 5,000 :wink: Don’t be sorry, Larry & Scott may need some CE classes :upside_down_face: :laughing:

PS: do you remember or have to look it up :slight_smile: