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Michael, how can you say that. At least he is offering a job for the income…Personally I am still waiting for my share of the $25 million that Ugu Sambutu is promising me for helping retrieve his family fortune that is being held in trust. :mrgreen:

I never got any of the funds ($millions) that were promised if I helped those poor people.

By the way, could I borrow someone’s credit card?—all mine have been maxed out somehow. (Personally, I think the bank made a mistake…)

Yeah, I’m still waiting too. I was sure at least one of the lotto or free money offers was true. Just one OK?:wink:

Mine arrived on September 18. That’s how I’ve been able to take a break, take a one-week vacation to drive PCH from San Francisco back to San Diego, visit all the California coastal beaches, visit some cool universities, etc.

Thank you Mr. Sambutu.

By the way, that’s why you’ll be waiting for a long time. I took Mr. Sambutu up on his need for help. After all, I am a very helpful person; it’s in my nature. :mrgreen: