74% Oppose Taxing Internet News

74% Oppose Taxing Internet News to Help Newspapers.

Those who voted for Obama, please stand up so we can slap you.:roll:

Please wake up.

It is truly amazing that it is the younger generation that put this man in the oval office, yet it is their age group that has the highest unemployment. They just do not get it.

I think the most disturbing thing is that if 74% oppose taxing the internet, that leaves 26% who either think it is a good idea or don’t know…

Acording to Kevin Trudeau the best is yet to come from uncle sugar

You realize that 3 of the 5 FTC commissioners serving were appointed under the last guy right?

Wake up indeed John.:wink:

Please take you (fake) political crap elsewhere

Mr. Kelley would do well not to make up things without a better understanding of the process.

I made nothing up Larsone… Take your fake political crap to another thread please:twisted:

What you posted is irrelevant.

Get it?

I think we should post “political crap” all over the board just to piss you off. ;_)

It does not piss me off so much as I think it reflects poorly on me as a Member to have Partisan Political crap on every section of the message board.

There are sections of the message board that were specifically made for this type of “discussion” so that other areas could be used to discuss Home Inspection related topics.

I myself would like to see more people active on the MB myself, and I think some of the acrimonious political discussions do not help that cause.

I realize i have added fuel to this fire by commenting in the first place about this thread and for that I am sorry.


carry on with your pissing off people campaign, and keep me posted :wink: It seems like a sad endeavor though. :frowning:

Kelley, I was reacting to you snippy attitude. Get it?

I think one message board cop is more than enough. :wink:

Maybe you could have politely contacted John and asked him to move it. Just sayin’.

At least they stopped posting their photos of naked little boys.

It’s no surprise that the “real” message board cop show up and tells more lies.:roll:

Lies? Sorry…I didn’t know that you guys had not stopped posting your photos of naked dead kids. My bad.

Do you ever get tired of lying James?:roll:

I thought I was telling the truth when I commented that you guys had stopped posting your naked boy pictures. If that is not true, I was merely mistaken. I did not lie.

Crawl back under your rock where you belong.

You lies are tiresome.

Why is this here?

It doesn’t really serve us well to post political crud and the other “stuff” mentioned in this thread.

~New message board cop


You need to bring that up with the mental midget that started the thread…but he’s out burning a cross on a front lawn. Try back in a couple of hours.