78 room hotel

Has anyone done a hotel, and what would you suggest how to price it out?

Based on how long it will take you and what you are to inspect. I would make sure all parties were going to be on the same page on what was going to be looked and and what will not.

Then add about 20% for ought ohhhhhs. Good luck.

.10/ per sq ft. would being me about $125-$150/ hour if I did it alone.

as Meeker said: DEFINE the SCOPE

Richard nobody here can tell you much without details.That is the first part of the job gather details ].Year built,Heating and cooling system …individual package units ? ,HVAC ? How many stories and what type roof ?,How much of a common area is there to look at ?
Are you looking for major flaws only or is the client concerned with updating ?

Are you expected to be aware of Handicap access codes and specific local codes relating to lodging ?
Common areas time is fairly easy to figure but how much time in each room will you spend ?
How much random sampling ?

First go over expectations with your client then decide. T&M ] time and money.

All of the post was great advice from the MEMBER OF THE YEAR :smiley:

It depends mostly on if the hotel is in operation. If it is, the inspection is much easier because your client is likely much more agreeable to inspecting a representative sample of the 72 rooms. See 4.3.2 of http://www.nachi.org/comsop.htm

Ha ha compliment from the Meeker.Thanks Mike.

consultant: a person with particular expertise in a subject who assists the inspector with portions of the inspection.

1]Something to factor in as these kind of big jobs require a good network of reliable contractor buddies at times.

2]Is the client a newbie at this type of investment because you now become the Consultant.

I charge $100 per room. Extra for pool and spa, office and utility rooms.

Hope this helps.

$10 per room-$780 total.

Linas he is not renting the rooms in IL area He is inspecting them lol

I charge $200 per hour inspecting, $100 per hour report writing, $150 per hour ‘other’… but “Home Inspectors” charge $499.95 any size building! :roll:

I suggest that you think long and hard about going in with that low of a number.

I think I missed a few zeroes. I was seeing double when I made that post and closed 1 eye when I was typing.

Have you ever done a commercial property inspection?

What is the scope of work? What does the client want inspected? Will you need to bring in specialists? Electrician/HVAC/Plumber/Swimming Pool guy?

Does the client want all rooms inspected or a sampling of them?

What do you normally charge for commercial inspections? Do you price all commercial inspections the same? If it is a 100,000 sq/ft warehouse with a 500 sq/ft office do you price it the same as a 78 room hotel?

If you do get the job do you have your inspection software template set up?

Just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you ask how to price it. Let us know the above then maybe we can help you.

It depends on the client’s expectations and the amount you want to make per hour invested. If it is a 3 day job Inspecting+report writing charge 3 days wages. For me, that would be $2,400.00