7th Post Wins IR Class

If you want to take the class, you can take it for free also. Sorry for the confusion.

Hey John will that make me a Infrared Certified Thermographer once I complete the course?

Thanks for the awesome news.

Ain’t that something Karma finally for once worked out for me :smiley:

I congratulated Steve and got lucky myself.

I am going to have more titles than I can print on a business card soon :shock:

I don’t recall seeing rules regarding multiple posts. 7th post is the 7th post, doesn’t matter who the first 6 were.

And so the bickering begins…
Every year they are those who get angry :frowning:

Just go with the flow man. The price of the party was free.

He gave it to Steve too. Win, Win.

You know what, Never mind. I was not bickering in any way, my apologies. I will delete the post. Just felt bad for Steve.

Now that’s the spirit :slight_smile:

I’ll Modify or delete mine as well :slight_smile:

Good news he gave it to him as well. WIn, WIn

I think the Christmas party is great. I would not complain, It is nice John still gave it to Steve. Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

Sure as heck is. I once was a photographer at a charity Golf Tourney and one guy hit the hole in one and won a vet.

2 groups later another guy did but even though the vet had been won they gave him one also.

I also took the pictures for the paper :slight_smile: Great publicity for the dealership.