8 Hour Website Optimization & Marketing Seminar in Sacramento, May 1st

Posted with Permission from Nick. This is a CREIA Seminar but everyone’s invited. I will be the only speaker. InterNACHI members will receive 8 CE’s for attending.

      Turning Your Website Into A Call Generating Machine

Earn 8 CEC’s While Learning How to Increase Your Businesses
**Go to http://www.CREIA.org to sign up (top right corner)
This seminar is for all inspectors, whether you currently have a website, or don’t have one ( we’ll talk about why you need one!). We’ll discuss:

  • The foundation of what a websites true value is.
  • How having a website is important for offline marketing.
  • How to get to the top of the search engines to make the best use of it
  • How to convert the people who are looking at your site into callers.
  • How to optimize sites for keywords, page titles, content, domain names
  • Why dynamic content such as blogs and news feeds are important
  • How to effectively use paid search engine ads until your site naturally appears on the first page.
  • Why have multiple websites and how it increases your profit.
  • How to ensure that the client actually calls you after looking at your site
  • Convert visitors into sales even at midnight.
  • And a LOT more!

Dominic Maricic – Bio
President of Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software and Website Hosting, founded in 2004. Home Inspector Pro is now used in 11 countries and in 5 languages.
Dominic Maricic has a degree in Computer Science and spent 10 years teaching math, computer programming and website design at the high school level. He’s been designing websites for over 15 years for personal use and businesses. On top of being the main programmer for Home Inspector Pro, he’s currently in charge of the websites for multiple inspector associations and assisting others associations in SEO.
Dominic has been publishing articles for the inspection industry on how to improve their website rankings for several years. Over the past 2 years he’s traveled around the country giving talks on website optimization and increasing sales for Home Inspectors. These articles have been used by inspectors across the country to improve their site rankings and their business.

When: SATURDAY May 1st, 2010
**Where: **Where: TWI Facilities, 1513 Sports Drive – Suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95834 near ARCO Arena
Times: 8 AM - 5 PM


**Cost: *****$***159 BUCKS FOR 8 CEC’S—A GREAT DEAL!
GO TO http://www.creia.org TO SIGN-UP
Questions? Dominic Maricic : Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com

Last Chance to Sign Up! I already know I’ll be seeing some of you Saturday. I hope to see more.

I’d love to go Dom, too busy this weekend…

Take a video… post and sell it!

Unfortunately videos of something on a projector doesn’t come out too well. I have something else in the works though :wink:

When are you going to do something in Texas?

I did San Antonio last year. Now that InterNACHI & TAREI are working together I’m sure the events there will be larger so I’ll be coming back. The last few events there had been dwindling in size.