8 million drop out of credit card use

Funny, I have had more clients pay for home inspections using a credit card this year than in any other.

More than 8 million drop out of credit card use
**Number of credit card users drops by 8 million in past year: some by choice, others cut off **

Same here. Last week had 5 out of 7 pay with CC

I discourage CC payments, unless that’s the only way. I rarely get one.

The ones paying with their credit cards will be the ones in the “Cut Off” statistics next time around =)

95% credit card here. Never see the clients.

Nice setup you have here:

Looks like a good tax ride off. Did you go hunting this year? :wink:

I don’t hunt. Hell I own a Glock 40 for 7 years and have never fired it yet. 10 years in the army…cleaning that M16 all the damn time…Turned me off to guns. Why hunt did Publix stop selling beef? If you want man against beast then go out there and tackle a deer and strangle him with your bare hands…make it a fair fight…LOL…Just kidding, no offense intended.

…date a gal from Pittsburgh.

Publix lol. I forgot about Publix; used to live in Jacksonville for 3 years…