8 Tons

I now have 8 tons of cooling on my 1700 SQ Foot home 4 for the interior and 4 for the Attic:D The attic is too hot here for extended work so I decided to make it cool. Set the furnace and ran the return air and connected the Condensing unit fired it off this afternoon. All remaining work will be in the cool I am going to disconnect one register at a time from the old unit and change it over to the new duct. I have spent my whole working Career working on broke down A/C units in the heat so I am installing my last system in the cool.</IMG>


Gee Charllie, I suppose you could have installed it last winter;-)

Glad you’re staying cool.

Hey big boy would you have floated me a loan last winter they don’t give these system away for chump change anymore:shock:

Keep cool Charlie and have a great 4th.:cool:

I think Charley is getting to be a wuss with his advancing years, I mean a HVAC guy wanting to work in a cool attic… well it’s just not normal :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Stay cool mate


It’s been so cool here I haven’t had mine on yet.
May need it this weekend.

Man our has been running full chat now for 3 months ($100.00 a month)

It’s been as high as the low 90’s with the stupidity in the high 90’s (the air you wear) roll on September.