80hr training

If I completed the 120hr require meant on line training for NC. and I’m a licensed contractor in Michigan for over 15 yrs do I have to take the 80hrs in the field training forNC

I would imagine so since it’s 80 hours of training on how to become a home inspector, not a contractor. I don’t see any exceptions listed in the NC home inspector requirements.

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Yes, a contractor and home inspector are two different things. As a contractor you are qualified for A,B,C you should be able to find deficiencies with ease. Home Inspectors are qualified for C,D,E. While you will be able to make use of your skill, you need to learn the new ones too. Knowledge is power. Do the classes, don’t look for an easy outs - do not cut corners. The training isn’t hard, just grab some snacks.

I was a contractor for over 30 years and took many of the Internachi Courses and then I followed many conversations of the forum and to no big surprise find I’m still very much a student.

Being a GC will be a big help but it doesn’t make you a home inspector.