85% and 90% efficiency furnace

I have a client that wants a recommendation on which system would be best as a replacement for her present forced air gas furnace and I thought that I would get other opinions from you guys.

Thanks, todd

I like Trane, Carrier, Lennox, American Standard and not necessarily in that order.

The higher the efficiency the better.

Just keep away from Goodman/Janatrol IMHO.

Not all warranties are created equal.

Personally Trane/AmStan (same manufacturer) stands behind their equipment extremely well, but is proprietary (meaning that you must special order parts). This slows down the repair process (after warranties have expired) as the parts are not necessarily interchangeable and available on most service trucks rolling around your city. They are also more expensive.

Lennox is a good brand but they do things a little differently than most, which may throw off a less experienced service technician. Diagnostics and repairs may suffer.

The point is, it may be a good idea to stick with a unit that is common for your area. Parts are more readily available and service technicians may be more familiar with their components overall.