8's vs Staples

What do you call out on the 1802 when you see an equal amount of 8’s and staple shiners ???

8D says me

Typically the 8Ds were done when the roof was redone. I assume the mighty mt6 went beep crazy?

The county inspector…

He did not say how many.
An equal amount “could” be one of each.
Hows the shoulder coming along?

One of each, technically, is enough. Although the form asks for the “weakest”, on the form, it would be 8D and hopefully, there would be a permit for the re-roof.
See that Mike…I pointed out two errors on the 1802 in only 2 sentences! :slight_smile:

The shoulder is coming along, ahead of schedule as I predicted. We are working with weights and hopefully, next month, I’ll get the OK to start using my biceps.
Thanks for asking.

I seem to remember reading that you may need another surgery. That sucks! Hopefully, you won’t and can start the rehab.
Get better!

Glad you getting better.
Yep, next Friday they will remove 2 pins in my heel and bust my big toe cleanup the arthritis and re-set.
It will be months before I can wear a shoe.

Sad but funny I wore a shoe on my left foot for about 6 hrs the other day and it started hurting :frowning:

I summed it up as just not wearing a shoe from 2 weeks before Xmas until now.

I imagine if I ever get to retire when I need to wear shoes it will be a problem.
Native Floridan, flip flops or the like all the time unless otherwise needed.

Eric and Mike,
Wishing you both a speedy and successful recovery. If there is anything I can do to help you guys please don’t hesitate to call me


Your generosity and gracious offers will not be forgotten.
If I can ever return the favor please do not hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:
Thanks again for you generous offers.

hard to find them shiners on them 2007 reroofs. Staples all over but you know a permit was pulled. spent 45 min. crawling around looking for 1. Almost gave up figuring the guy got robbed.

Sounds pretty damn dangerous to me :neutral:

So you found a roofer who actually did hit the studs? :shock: :shock: :shock:
Once you have the permit, it should override the check-boxes for method of attachment. Since the forms says “weakest”, staples…sorry! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Staples are actually the same or better than nails in most cases, see for yourself.

Tell it to the OiR!:cool:

But the form also states total uplift capacity. If you can prove it.

That is funny right there!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


The document you posted is good for most areas of the Country and is derived from the BOCA model code. One small problem that code is only used for wind design areas with basic wind speeds below 110 mph.
Homes in Florida must be designed to meet SSTD10 (Standard For Hurricane Resistant Residential Construction) which does not permit alternate fastening methods such as staples.
No Counties in Florida are in less than a 120 mph wind zone while the majority of the State is in 140 mph wind zones or above.

The issue with staples is not staples, it is the installation. Missed and over driven.