9:20 "No more water in duh basement, this is the way to keep your basement dry"

… ugh, nonsense my man!

Sheeesh, have met and yapped with this guy, nice guy. After our lil talk,thought he understood what the real deal is with leaky basements but apparently not.
These videos don’t help, don’t fix leaky basements, nope. If one wants to help people with friggin leaky basements you need to arm them with the facts, not the myths and blllshtt as in this video… 9 minutes on this? And some here tell me Bubba rambles…??? loooollll Ok, whatever you say.
9 minutes spent on…??? Downspout? hhahahhahaaaaaaaa!

1:00 He says, the condo assoc hired a mediocre landscaper who played around with the downspout etc… eh, how much money did that weak crap cost?? Unreal dumbshtt, as usual.

3:40 loool “See how much water is in here”. SO? That water that is puddling there is NOT the problem, loool. GEEEEZ baby. There MUST be 1 or more exterior openings/cracks etc IN the basement wall (on the outside of the wall) OR, 1+ openings ABOVE grade, or some other interior leaky/dripping problem like from a stupid pipe or toilet etc… so THAT, those… are the things one should be LOOKING for. You don’t think, look for, a supposed problem with the grade or the downspout or some stupid moronic puddling out in the yard. You gotta find/identify the REAL problem!

9:05 kind of surprised he didn’t say anything in the video about another MYTH, that being to seal/tar etc that GAP along the edge of the driveway and house.

What about a leaky ROOF, what do ya do, how do you identify a leaking ROOF? Do you tell a homeowner with a leaky roof that the SLOPE of the roof may be the problem?? Really??? loll Do you tell them to RAISE and SLOPE their roof? Come on people.

LOOKIE here, videos below… this is what we have seen REPEATEDLY for 35++ years, this is why/how/where most basements leak and spending 9 minutes on a dumb azz downspout/gutter etc doesn’t fix/waterproof anything.
Outside, homeowners corner leaked…why??? Watch the stupid video.

Inside the same basement, often as was the case with this basement//walls, you won’t necessarily see ANY cracks IN the block basement walls (on the inside basement walls) but that NEVER means there aren’t 1+ exterior cracks in the wall(s)

If one wants to help people with their leaky basements, mold and–or efflorescence on parts of their walls then you need to first, competently identify/find/determine the ACTUAL problem! And so, as in the video and many other videos by others, he didn’t find/identify the frikkkkkin problem nor was the actual problem(s) fixed.

Another short video of a leaky basement at–near a corner, just like the first video/hardware dude, and what did we have at this house? Same dang thing/problem which means==== it needs the same dang fix, exterior waterproofing

The homeowner already tried raising and sloping the dumb grade! Plus, he got ripped off by an interior basement system nitwit who talked him into installing another nitwit interior basement system, more money LOST!

George Carlin on license plates and bumper stickers… 'like Florida and Georgia put the counties, in case these people forget where they live overnight… Indiana says ‘wander’, sure, just get out and get hit by a Greyhound bus…

Well that basement shouldn’t leak now with that new downspout fix. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

looool, unreal and yes, the same old nonsense. Say again he’s a good guy but c’mon baby, no expert on this–subject so duhhhh, WHY the knothead video?
Because he thinks he knows.

Too many show aka ummm, PROVE, on VIDEO loool they are friggin incompetent on THIS subject.

Hope your doing better Mr C!

Thanks Bubba. Still having a hard time with my leg. Going to therapy twice a week and then it takes two days to recover, go figure.
Stay out of the bad trenches my friend.
Keep the milk truck coming. ;):slight_smile:

Mr. C,

2 days to recover? How old are you… 33? loool Hang in there man!

And hey, did Mr. Roy send you a get well ‘jug’ magazine? Got milk?

That’s from just riding a bike for 10 minutes. :wink: