$9.47 per hour

Many inspectors are weak in the HVAC area. Myself included.

Until now. Advanced HVAC training video.

$199. Limited time only price. Price goes up when the next course comes online. Buy now. Watch later. Unlimited viewing.

It’s 21 CE credit hours. That’s $9.47 per hour.

Learn HVAC from your comfortable couch.

2-min commercial

Darn …I thought you were offering me a higher paying job.

I actually thought Ben was referring to what I made last month. :frowning:

Do not feel bad.
I nothing all week, so thank goodness for draws.
Draws have been booming.


Do you have a lot of new development in Maurice Lenell country? :smiley: New condos? No draws in my area for a long time.

Had to think hard what you meant by cookies (cook)
I live almost across the street from Maurice Lenell and they are closing shop at the end of the year.

Probably going to China , like everyone else.

I do not do construction draws. Loan

  1. A draft-inducer fan (or combustion blower) creates a ____________ inside the heat exchanger.
    a) low air pressure
    b) temperature release
    c) condensate formation
    d) draft flow restriction


[quote=“bgromicko, post:1, topic:33861”]

**That’s $9.47 per hour./**quote]

That’s just about exactly what I make!!:D:D:D

…except for the 9 part…:(:(:frowning: