9 Town Home Inspections

All today at same development but broke my personal record for number of buildings inspected in a day.
I lucked out they were all electric on slabs but still 9 attics,9 roofs,9 fireplaces,etc
Got a nice workout.

Stupid listing Agent asked how long it would take before client showed and the azzwipe called my client and complained when I said at least 6 hours total.

His inspector spends 15 minutes at properties I was told …hahaha.

6 Hours! Holy crap, that is fast congrats, It would have taken us about 18 man hours to do that. That is given they were about 1200 square feet each.

Did you do all the reports on site?

More like 2 stories and gotta check 900 sq feet or so]2 bedrooms and 1.5 Bathrooms each.
Mix of aluminum siding and some kind of crude 1/2 brick veneer with no flashing .

Exhausts into attic with not really any mold surprised ]

We took a break after 5 hours for beer and pizza then finished the 9th when tenant got home.

These were rentals with a few section 8.

Never have and never will.
For one thing I video taped all the roofs and have like I said ovr 800 pictures to process tomorrow.No inspections so I have time and plan on it taking a while.
My new LGV10 would have made mobile possible but it is so new there are no extra batteries on the market yet.

For the first time a cell camera and video is good enough to meet my demands and no other cell camera comes close …trust me I test .

I can actually stitch short video clips together into one as I go …no edit…with zero process time between clicks on HIP now .Octocore rules.4GB ram as well.
Pictures as good as a regular camera and no flash needed in dark rooms with Little if any grain.

I agree Bob, there is so much more that transpires when you review things later on the desk top. Here’s an example of a not so typical inspection I performed today. Sometimes its about quality and quantity…

You must have missed something in the inspection today? There is no link. :mrgreen:

Here’s a link.

Not just that.It is the process of documentation and recommendation.
Everyone has their own methods however there is a good reason to be careful…

Besides that my personal style is geared towards narrative at times along with holistic viewpoint which allows me to take a 9 building or a 50 unit rental unit inspection and combine comments in a way a strict room by room style does not allow.

Yes it limits my income somewhat but also makes me detailed in a special way my clients like.

Example …Interior window busted seal>Living room-front- right side< …OK nough said for most which is fine and dandy and perhaps an explanation of escaped gases or how some drill a hole and add a moisture absorbent desiccant .

In my case I might notate the reason for a busted seal such as a low end product with rubber gasket which has no metal strip between the glass and need to monitor windows on the west and south sides as the sun will cause more future failure. the gaskets often buckle in ].
95% of the time clients are with me ] and my thing is to report what I tell them on site.

9 years and fingers crossed only complaint was 7 years ago that I did not document exact location of every single loose outlet. Goofy Lawyer couple.

Is a “busted seal” the same as a" broken seal", "damaged seal’ or “seal failure”?
Do you really use the term “busted seal” in your report?
When I hear or see the term “busted seal”…


You were flying :slight_smile: I hate AGENTS that ask how long then complain. I would have had to Call A Friend :slight_smile:

Yeah you get them once in a while.
I always come back strong and pretty much tell them to shut up.