$90.00 off Xtend & Climb

Anyone who has passed up the opportunity to purchase a $250 12.5’ Xtend & Climb ladder - or even $200 on sale - may be interested to know that Fred Meyer Stores (a member of the Kroger company) now sells them for $179.99 and they are on sale in today’s paper for $159.99.

Bought mine today.

I need one of those since my van blew up today and I’ll have to get a itty bitty car that doesn’t use much gas. :wink:

Wendy, I can just see you in an old-time VW ad - kids & critters hanging out the windows & a ladder popping thru a sun roof . . .

Well, Pro-Lab is right -
They won’t be undersold!

Just rec’d an emailed ad that, for a limited time, they are selling it for $149.99 plus shipping!

Well Gosh darn! I hadn’t thought of that! That’ll save me $150 smackers! :wink: :mrgreen: :cool:

Forget it-
The kids wil be climbing the ladder . . .

I recently happened to be perusing in the local “Big R” store,(Hwy.24 in Falcon, CO.) and lo and behold, they were selling the same “Xtend & Climb” for $139.!! Now since I know what they’re going for on the web, in other stores, etc., I bought one, and haven’t seen one priced like that since.
After seeing the recent Pro-Lab mail, you should understand that shipping is NOT
included, and something that heavy can really add to the cost.
If theres a Big-R near you, check them out if you need another ladder.


Steven Waskewicz
Rest Assured Inspection Services, LLC.


*Sale price does not include shipping. S/H flat fee $20.00

True, Steven

Aaaaaaaaand what would change?:shock: :roll: :wink:

Question for you guys (incl. girls)

The ProLab e-mail lists it as a ANSI type IA (300 lbs rating) weighing 25 lbs and 2.5 feet tall (closed.) The manufacturers site lists [the] type IA as 30.8 lbs and 3 feet tall (closed.)

Any ideas?

My page says 225lb rating???

I have one and the paper that comes with it said 225 lbs. If you get one just go ahead and allow it to pinch the crap out of you right off and get it out of the way. It only hurts for a day or two.


FYI, I noticed the ANSI rating 1A(equivalent to 300 lbs) vs. the photo and specs (collapsed length & weight). Here is the response from Pro-Lab

"The ladder is rated at 225 and is a type II.
Sorry for that.

Ben Fontan
VP of Account Services
800-427-0550 x 219

Xtend-N-Climb makes both versions however so it would be easy to get confused.

That’s what I questioned earlier in post #11.

I thought it was “too good” a deal for that $, Oh well…