90,000 out of 250,000 windmits kicked back

Wow…and the hits keep coming.


I have not read the article yet. I’ll check it out tomorrow.


I had citizens kick one back to the agent because of the elevation pictures. I had 5 different views and was not going for hip. I normally only have 4 views but I wanted to show everything.

What will they do on any house that is on a zero lot line?

I hope someone get prosecuted because they are making it up as they go.

Whose worse, citizens, the companies, or the press?

Citizen’s :slight_smile:

Citizens (Gov Scott) - Worst
Inspectors (inexperience, favoritism)
Media (one-sided, facts wrong)
Companies (only doing what Citizens wants them to do, and not enough experience screening for hired inspectors)

Where does all that money go?:mrgreen: :mrgreen: