900 Web Search Engines

How can we tell what the 900 search engines are? Have I had my web site optimized ? And how can we tell when it is done or if any of it is done?
I did hit the button to have it optimized.



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How would any of us know? Only you and your webmaster would know that.

Ask him/her? No way for us to know.

Since you haven’t even done the basics yet Dennis, such as including your website link in your message board posts (Read: http://www.nachi.org/seo-tips-for-inspectors.htm ) I wouldn’t worry about having someone optimize your website yet.

Hi Nick, Im not sure what you are talking about? Im referring to ;
New! Submit your web site to 900+ search engines with InterNACHI’s search engine submission service.

I did this above, and about the basic are you saying to add my web page address into the link?
How do I add this tag onto my post?
Sorry for not understanding but just a little slow when it comes to computer stuff. Home inspector dose not = computer smart

I think I found the section to add what you are talking about?

That link doesn’t lead to something that changes your site. We don’t have access to your website.

BTW, the link you added to your message board signature is not live.

Maybe you should create a screenshot tutorial for newbies.

The submission service doesn’t do anything to your website. It simply submits your website link to many search engines so people can “find” you when they use those search engines. Think of it as registering your website with those search engines. I’m not entirely sure what, if any, value that has for web visibility, but it certainly can’t hurt.
Meanwhile, if you want your website “optimized” for SEO, you’ll want to find a service that does that. There are many out there and if you search the forums here you’ll find a lot of information on the subject. Also, as Nick mentioned you should include your URL (as well as your company name, service area, and phone number) anywhere you post and any social media sites you use. This information gets indexed by Google and may help you with SEO as well.

Thanks Daniel
I would like to do what you are suggesting but im not sure just how to do that without typing the info each time I post. What to do is wonderful but steps how to do it would be more helpful. I might have missed something when I got set up? was their a getting setup manual or a step by step plan that newbies should walk through? I have concentrated on training and getting my website up and running and now im working on promoting my business but everyone talks to newbies as if we have been around and evolved but we know nothing. I’m a great inspector but that is only 10% of this job. Thanks for your input and experience.
I don’t under stand what Nick is talking about above; BTW, the link you added to your message board signature is not live. I clicked on the link for my website above and my website popped up. Again what am I missing?

Nick was talking about the one in the bottom of your posts try to click on it it don’t work you need to insert a link. Look at the service tools when in the edit signature line area and put your mouse over them, when you find the insert link then click and insert your url to your web site. You don’t have a phone number or email address on your website either it should be on every page. Don’t take it personal how some treat newbies if you survive with out taking it personal you’ll learn a lot and find a lot. :wink:

Dennis, most forums use the same or very similar software. Have you ever used a forum before?

Dennis, this is for you






Frank Your the Man :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Kudos Frank, that was very nice of you to take the time to do that.

It didn’t take long, and we were all newbies at some point.

Wow Frank Thanks a lot, No I have never been part of a forum so this is also new. Today I hope to get this all done and show you what I have created. Without you helping I guess there was not instructions for newbies
Thanks for your time.

Glad to help. That’s what this forum is all about.

This is another amazing tool provided by Nachi. I wish I had know about it sooner but it is running now. Thanks!

Frank … Nice and I am sure it is appreciated.

**OR… **(and you wouldn’t believe how often this is the problem with a link NOT going live)…

AFTER you type in the address, YOU MUST hit the SPACE BAR to create the Hyperlink! Many people simply hit ENTER, which DOES NOT create the link.

No need for long processes. I bet if you go to EDIT your link, simply arrow through the address, and at the end of it, hit the space bar. The link will change to blue, indicating the Hyperlink was created.

Now hit enter. All done.