98 Year Old Slate Roof

Inspected this gem last week. Enjoy the images!! Took a total of 176 photos during this inspection.


Did you walk the roof to make sure you didn’t miss anything ----:lol:

Man they sure got their money out of that gem…:shock:

Probably no moisture damage to mention huh?..:shock:

Holy Roof Batman! What was the damage inside of the place like?

Additional images, including some of the interior damage.


Well John, at least the Aluminum Siding is in great shape, even though it “Appears” they did the cutting with a Fire Axe…:lol:

Out of curiosity, is someone buying this charmer to flip?

Like flip it with a Track-Hoe (Cat Excavator)----:lol:

It is not a “flip” property. Home was purchased and closing completed prior to the inspection…