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I am not sure if the post still current but i was wondering if you could provide the flagged right answers? Pleas email to artyomny@gmail.com
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Get the study book Artyom. There are no short cuts, my friend. :smile:

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Tracking down the sources of study questions can be helpful. I endorse making them 100% visible and open. However, I do not agree with the current models of testing. Memorizing questions has merit. I recommend the following strategy when I train an inspector.
1 - Study code. Memorize it. It is a part of being an inspector. Start with the basic CodeCheck manual (not the big extended version).
2 - Memorizing it all is not practical and I find teaching new inspectors to learn how to look up the answer is better than relying on pure memory. Unfortunately I do not think the tests are open book. They should be.
3 - The exams then try to test reasoning by using a variety of distractor methods. I do not agree with this because it expands knowledge requirement beyond the actual subject being discussed. Test answers should be directly related to the topic. Test the ability to rationalize should be step 5 and is best used after a few years of experience.
3 - Defect recognition skills are very important. Images should be used and the defect should be obvious without any tricks. Some new inspectors can memorize the book but cannot recognize the defect in the field. You can give a person a fish, you can teach a person to fish but if you show them where the fish are they are more likely to succeed in catching them.
4 - Experience. Passing the test does not an inspector make. One needs to apply the memory challenges to recognizing the defect. This CAN be done with today’s virtual world and further enhanced with actual “in the field work”.
5 - The very last thing to do is to test inspectors with oblique distractors or “best choice” scenarios. 30 minutes a month of basic flash card and core testing on changing topics month to month would be better time spent.

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Looking to take this exam too. Any news?

I have taken a two week class that I paid $1,600 for and the gentlemen was in his 70’s that taught the class. He had the entire class confused. So many codes have changed since he had done home inspections. Long story short it was a waste of time and money. I have taken the exam 3 times and failed.The exams are so confusing to me. It seems like there is always 2 right answers.
Can anyone help me?

On the NHIE, each question does have more than one correct answer. You have to choose the “BEST” answer. I have a study guide from 2014 that I would be glad to email you. Just PM me.
Even with that, I recommend you purchase the NHIE study guide that they put out. It is about $100.00 and the size of a phone book. The test has many questions that may not pertain to your area, but they are on the test regardless. That is where their study guide comes in handy.
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Joe gave you some good advice. Pick the best answer out of the potential correct ones.

And, PM him to study up on his offering the study guide.

I may complain to the company that gave the class if the teacher had everyone confused…can’t hurt. :smile:

Thank you Joseph for the advice. I have already PM you…

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Hi Rita,

Please find the attached study guide.

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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NHIE study guide.pdf (1.91 MB)


I passed the exam back in January. I did all required on-line courses that InterNACHI offered. Than I read the NHEI manual referring back to the on-line course material front to back. By the time I was done with NHEI manual, I basically went over the every subject 3 times. I was concentrating on the concept as to how instead of why. If you need more help let me know. Good Luck.

My email address is johngilbert137@yahoo.com …Can someone send me these questions and answers. Appericate it.

Can you send me these questions and answers my email johngilbert137@yahoo.com

John, that is a 12 year old post.

Any tips to prepare for NHIE exam and study for it? I take it in 3 weeks

and here;

Military Grade Encryption
Hi John!
I entered into the construction industry and started “studying codes“ in 1972. I retired on April 15, 2005. I was the; President of Internachi’s New Hampshire state chapter for four consecutive terms, New Hampshire’s first CMI, A member of the International Code Council, and I was an ADA { Americans with Disability Act} Inspector and a Code Compliance Inspector conducting inspections for both the federal government and the private sector.
All of the above came from decades of conducting Code Compliance Inspections and from studying both ICC codes and InterNachi programs 16 to 18 hours a day seven days a week.
Once you pass your test don’t sit on your “laurels“ and relax. You need to continuously study and be meticulous in your inspections and develop a good hard “work ethic“.
I remember working and studying for 11 years straight without taking a single day of vacation.

My suggestion to you is to take the InterNachi test Two or three times a day every day until “exam day”. You should be fine.

Regards, Frank Carrio CMI

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Frank, damn, how the hell have you been? Didn’t know if you were still around. Nice to hear from you.
Come around more often.