980 Questions/Answers to the NHIE....Free!

My email address is johngilbert137@yahoo.com …Can someone send me these questions and answers. Appericate it.

Can you send me these questions and answers my email johngilbert137@yahoo.com

John, that is a 12 year old post.

Any tips to prepare for NHIE exam and study for it? I take it in 3 weeks

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and here;

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Hi John!
I entered into the construction industry and started “studying codes“ in 1972. I retired on April 15, 2005. I was the; President of Internachi’s New Hampshire state chapter for four consecutive terms, New Hampshire’s first CMI, A member of the International Code Council, and I was an ADA { Americans with Disability Act} Inspector and a Code Compliance Inspector conducting inspections for both the federal government and the private sector.
All of the above came from decades of conducting Code Compliance Inspections and from studying both ICC codes and InterNachi programs 16 to 18 hours a day seven days a week.
Once you pass your test don’t sit on your “laurels“ and relax. You need to continuously study and be meticulous in your inspections and develop a good hard “work ethic“.
I remember working and studying for 11 years straight without taking a single day of vacation.

My suggestion to you is to take the InterNachi test Two or three times a day every day until “exam day”. You should be fine.

Regards, Frank Carrio CMI

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Frank, damn, how the hell have you been? Didn’t know if you were still around. Nice to hear from you.
Come around more often.

Less than 30 days after I retired one of my sons was in a really bad car accident. He was in a coma for nine days and nights and he died. I am a Vietnam veteran and I have seen a lot of people die. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through in my entire life. I think of him every day.
Within a year of that……My wife was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. There is no known cause, no treatment, and no cure. It is progressive and it is fatal. It is an ugly, vicious way to die. The only Ray of hope would be to receive a lung transplant. Well she received the transplant and the first three months she struggled to become acclimated/used to the lung. The next three months gave her some small measure of relief. Then she went downhill and suffered greatly. My beloved wife and the love of my life eventually died.
One month before she received her fatal diagnosis My nephrologist { kidney specialist } gave me five months to live. My wife and I were greatly concerned as to who was going to take care of her after I died. There is an old saying…… “If you want to make God laugh… Tell him your plans!“.

As you can probably tell … I am way past “My due date!“ I am in “stage-4” renal failure and there is just one stage left. Within the last six months I found out that what’s growing in my kidneys is “slow growing “ and is spreading to my other organs. I wake up in pain, I live my entire day in pain, and when I can “sleep” I sleep in pain. Then I wake up and do it all over again. I am on some heavy duty narcotics and that does not take away the pain all it does is help “mask it” But it never goes away. I was on morphine for a while but that did not take it away all it did was make me sick. Now I am on two different types of heavy duty narcotics and I have to take them four times a day. I have said the word “pain“ four different times and to you and anyone else reading this it is just a word but …to me it is reality and something that I am going to “Live with” until the end.

Somehow all of the above takes precedence over Internachi and I found that all of the fighting, squabbling, name-calling and lack of “professionalism“ that goes on in this “bulletin board“ is not worth participating in.
I was looking at the bulletin board a few years back and I saw some really ugly, nasty, and vicious comments by four different guys who were “fighting“ in the “public section” and I remembered back when I was participating on a regular basis and I thought that… “Nothing has changed, it’s just the same old movie with different actors“.

I would not have answered this young man’s question except for the fact that his question came directly to my email and I thought… “Why not answer his question it would only take a few minutes or so.”

Anyway…… I can see that I am “wandering“ so I will close this email for now. I wish you well and it was good “hearing“ from you.

Warmest regards, Frank

Military Grade Encryption

Damn, my sympathies Frank, and really sorry to hear all of the pain you are going through. I sincerely hope that it subsides in the future for you.
Nice to hear from you.

Yes, Frank, it has been a long time. I’ve had some issues over the last year or so but cannot relate to what you describe for you and yours. I will keep you in my prayers. :pray:

Hi All, Not sure who has the answers to this if it is still available at all even. I took the state test and failed by 10 points. I will be retaking after covid . My class was great we went to several home inspections and did some together as a class. I studied and thought I would nail it. I had no idea how trivial some of the questions were going to be. With that said my email is skcarter110@gmail.com.

JW which NHEI manual are you referring to?

Hi I just wanted to let everyone know I passed The NHIE 1st try! Not bragging but I wanted to give you some insight to the method I used which if you’re a part of InterNACHI won’t cost you a dime apart from your test. First, I completed all the courses required to be InterNACHI Certified. Next, I studied all the “Practice Questions” listed on InterNACHI’s website. I hope this helps you all. You don’t need to buy $500 worth of manuals from the organization that made the test, all the information you need is right here but you HAVE to study. I studied the “Practice Questions” for about 2-3 weeks.


Great news,Tyler!!

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Thank you! I hope this is a confidence booster for everyone who plans on using these practice questions. I also hope it is a deterrent for people considering spending ALOT of money on study materials and practice quizzes sold by the organization who puts out the test.

Way to go, Tyler!..onward and upward!

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Hi Tyler,

Do you mind if support staff uses your story as an example when we new students ask us how to study for the NHIE?

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I’m happy for you to use my story to help others. I wasn’t sure what to do with regard to studying for the NHIE. I just knew I didn’t have hundreds to buy their study material. I posted that to give others confidence in studying those free NACHI study questions. Thank you

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Yes this is tremendously helpful. I am in Nevada. My test is scheduled on Sept 4. I have been studying what I can, but I have heard horror stories that material on test was not discussed in class, and that the test is a lot of code questions but we aren’t code inspectors… so naturally there’s some concern there.

I plan to complete all the classes in InterNACHI to get their certification, as well as study the practice questions and I am hoping that doing that, plus completing the state required 101 class of 40 hours, I will have a good time passing the test.

Any other recommendations you have, please drop them in chat.

Much appreciated.



Welcome to the forum :+1: :grinning: David, You got this.

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