A 3 Day ADVANCED Building Inspection Workshop

Hi Guys

I have developed a 3 day ADVANCED WORKSHOP for us working Building Inspectiors.

In these difficult home inspection times … let me show you:

**How to: Do More … Make More … Keep More **

Yeah, yeah, I know … I also have heard all about how this or that course or seminar is better than sex … yeah …I know.

Whats so “special” about this one ??? … OK … let me briefly tell you … First it is a real advanced inspection experience, NO we will not go over how to inspect a water heater, we already know that stuff, we do it over and over everyday … this is an ADVANCED BUILDING INSPECTION WORKSHOP. The class outline is below … but just for now, let me tell you, it is different than ANYTHING being offered anywhere, by anybody, at any price.

It will be totally and completely taught by one guy, and that one guy is a leader in our industry. Who is he … ok, so the guy is me.

So who am I anyway … since I am not normally one to speak about myself, please allow me this indulgence.

I am an engineer by education, and by experience am a “working” Civil/Structural engineer, a real builder and an everyday building inspector.

My first fee paid building inspection was done in 1977 … yes 29 years ago. Oh, where were you 29 years ago ?? I was crawling under somebodys house and earning a professional inspection fee for it …

Since that time I have founded my own inspection company 21 years ago and I have completed over 14,000 fee paid inspections. Yep, that’s the number of inspection that I have done by myself … no, not done by my firm, or other people in my firm, but done totally by myself.

I have had a great career as a professional building inspector (what I prefer to call those of us who do what we do) … I have specialized in inspecting residential, commercial, income producing, and industruial buildings. I also have developed a successful expert witness practice.

Additionally, I have had the pleasure of being a teacher in my field as well as a sought after public speaker. I have hosted my own CBS radio talk show about building construction, maintenance and repairs for 5 years … and it was a real commercial radio show where I was the paid tallent … not some bozo who bought and paid for some radio time … and the show was for 4 hours every Saturday morning. I have spoken as a paid speaker, numerous times at various National Building Inspection Conventions, at dozens of State Conventions and at too many local chapter meetings to count.
I have taught this stuff at the local community college for 10 years (ours is the 2nd largest in the country), have taught for a private construction college teaching students how to pass the State of Florida’s General and Residential Contractors exams and for 2 years taught at the country’s largest building inspeciton school.

This past February, at the NACHI National Convention in Orlando, I had the pleasure of teaching a 4 hour pool inspection course (twice during 2 days) to a full house both classes. I heard that this class was rated among the highest of the convention by its attendees and I hope to see many of you guys here in this Workshop.

This past March I was asked to be the only Professional Speaker at the very first NACHI Chaper meeting held in the State of New Mexico. Since I am a Florida guy, what an honor and a pleasure it was to be there.

NOW About this Workshop …
This 3 day workshop will be the real deal … 24 hours of the hard core stuff from one “expert” and not a parade of 15 people over 3 days who will only be able to talk about “their” subject for 90 minutes or so …

This will be a road show, comming to your area. September in Ohio, October in Florida and November in Penn. Starting over in different cities again in February.

OK … so whats this going to be about …
[li]**Day 1 – What you will find that could end your home inspection career, both Physically as well as Financially **[LIST][/li][li]What NOT to inspect and WHY not to…and then HOW to report on this stuff….this will be in detail, system by system… [/li][li]Inspecting problems and then reporting on them using state of the art report writing software … what to say and how to say it, and then what not to say [/li][li]Charging for your services … all the common methods and some not so common methods …. pros and cons [/ul][/li][/LIST]
[li]Day – 2 Commercial Inspections – what they are, where to find them, how to do them, what to charge for them.[LIST][/li][li]Commercial inspections … Starting small and deciding if you want to stay that way[/li][li]Commercial inspections … What to inspect, how to inspect it and what and how to report on it ….[FONT=Arial][LIST][/li][li][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]Commercial Inspections are whre the real money is in this business … are you getting your share ?? [/FONT][/li][li]Look … I know that this subject is offered as a FULL 3 day seminar by others … at 2 or 3 times this workshop cost, however I know that in 8 hours, I can get the major points across and get you well on your way to starting a commercial inspection division for your own inspection company[/ul][/FONT][/FONT][/li][/LIST][/LIST]
[li]**Day – 3 Advanced Home Inspection Business … **[ol][/li][li]Basic Business … Web Sites … yeah, everybody has one. As for you, your kid did yours … now how can you use it to generate more business for you [/li][li]Phone services …. PUT your cell phone down and why[/li][li]Expert witnessing another income source [/li][li]Liability …[LIST=1][/li][li][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]OK … so you have insurance … now what ??? [/li][li]How to make you and your business as asset protected as you can be … this is as mind blowing as it is real … from my own prsonal experiences … after 3 divorces and starting over 3 times I NOW know how to protect your assests from whatever: lawsuits, creditors, judgements … etc. Lets discuss this in detail and we go about an exercise in “protecting” a typical inspector. [/FONT][/FONT][/ul][/li][li]Mock trials [/li][LIST=1]
[li][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial]Here I will use my 20 plus years of expert witnessing experience …. the class and I will conduct mock trials using volunteers from the attendees as defendants, judge and juries with 2 - 3 different litigation scenarios[/FONT][/li][li]We will have 2 - 3 mock trials. I know many of you have never even had a deposition taken, much less been a defendant in a trial. My martial art career has taught me to “train hard and fight easy”. [/ol][/FONT][/li][ol]
[li]Get the real “feel” for this intimidating event here in training[/li][li]workshop, and hopefully NOT during your own trial[/ol][/FONT][/li][/LIST][/LIST]NACHI is so convienced in the value of this workshop that you will receive double acedemic credits for the class … yes, 48 credit hours for this workshop … thank you NACHI

[COLOR=black]**The fees for the 3 days will be **[/COLOR]

[li][FONT=Arial] 475 for early registration **[LIST][/li][li]this is ONLY 158 per day [/ul][/li][li] 500 for registration **[ul][/li][li]this is ONLY 166 a day [/ul][/li][li]** 565 for late registration **[/LIST][COLOR=black][COLOR=black]Workshop size will be a Minimum of 22 and a Maximum of 30[/li] About fees ... My professional hourly engineering fee is in excess of 200 per hour … however, that is somebody elses money … as for your bucks, is this Workshop worth it ?? …well is this Workshop a “good deal” ??? … is this Workshop worth the cost ??? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]How can I answer that … let me try to this way … [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Well, what is it worth to you to NOT get sued ?? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]What is it worth to you to start a commerical inspection inspection division of your existing company ?? One commercial inspection will pay for this entire workshop 3 times over. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]**I give you my word that This Workshop will be far more that just Worth what you pay for it, and it will be a Lot of Fun to attend. **[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]

I hope to see many of you guys soon … hopefully, if I havent bored you with this long-winded posting, then maybe some of you interested guys can respond to this thread.

Steve Jawitz

Oh … it seems that the mandatory disclaimer needs to be placed here …for those who might think that this workshop is infringing on anybody’s education business or their states licensed and regulated education activity world in any way.
This is a 3 day workshop where I will share my 29 years of personal first hand experience with those who are interested and it is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. All attendees will agree to these terms before they even sign on to attend.

Sounds like a good class. When will a firm time table be online? Are you coming closer to Orlando?

Certainly interested. Keep talking…er…posting!

Hi Bruce

Thanks for the shout back … funny that you ask … am scheduling to be in Orlando in October … looking forward to seeing you there

Hi Chris

Thanks for taking a peek … if you are interested now wait till you hear what the guys in the September class will be saying

Hi to All:

I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to spend 10 minutes let alone 3 days with Steve Jawitz to do so. Steve is an unbelieveable asset to the inspector community. Steve has taught classes for our SE FL Chapter and his material is top notch.

If there are Chapter Presidents out there looking for full day events, I encourage you to put Steve at the top of your list.

I wholeheartedly and without reservation agree with Jay. Steve was one of my first instructors back in 2003, he is a storehouse of building inspection knowledge and I am a better inspector from the experience, thank you Steve.

Hi to all,

Steve is the second best instructor that I know, modesty prevents me from naming the first :wink:

Only kidding Steve, good luck with your new venture.

All the best



Where, When, etc?

Looks like this gig is not quite thought out yet



Very curious Steve, please let us know your ETA, ASAP;-)


Where - When ??

How do we get the $$ to you??

What are we missing here??


Hi Guys

Thanks for the intrest … and the valid questions …

**Where … Sept 28 - 30 … in Columbus OH … at Crown Royal **

Where … Oct 26 - 28 … in Orlando FL … at Holiday Inn Internal Dr

**Where … Nov 30 - Dec 02 … in Penn … Location TBD **

Will have Workshop Website up in about 2-3 days and will have on-line registration on the site.

If this were being put on by a LARGE organization I am sure that the background operation would be smoother, BUT then this would cost a LOT MORE and the content would be a LOT LESS … Hey look, I am just like you guys … a working building inspector … not some slick business/promotional guy thinking of how to take a bunch of $$ out of inspector pockets by running a 2 ring circus and waving around some slick brochure. As I can tell you and as you might have heard something like this in the movies …“We got no stinkin brochure”.

OH, something else of interest, in pulling this together, I have literally searched all over the country, and have pulled in a bunch of personal favor markers and can tell you that the FREE incentives to the attendees alone will be worth more that 4 to 5 times the cost of the entire workshop. Hey, look, we know that nobody stays at a hotel for the “free shampoo and soap”, but here you just might want to. I’ll let you be the judge … just check out the website when its up in a few days.

One thing that is shaping up is that the demand is ALREADY a LOT MORE than I had anticipated … and we all have heard this before … but here it just happens to be true … these limited seat workshops will fill up and when the room is filled up, there just wont be any more attendee space available. Keep an eye on this space …

Hope to see ALL of you soon

The Best