A 3rd Candidate Taking Over?

Check this out!! Looks like a 3rd party might have a chance at winning the whole thing!


Do you think the candidate can survive the vetting process?

I doubt it. :wink:

This is great news.

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I think he can do it!!

I heard his loyalties are divided being engaged and all. :wink:

Hahaha. You can be engaged to a woman and your country at the same time can’t you?

Only if it’s OK with her:shock:


Talk about change!

Now Our country indeed has hope!

Just hope the press doesn’t start the “fake pregnancy crap” with this candidate. :wink:

Damn I hope not too. Although Arnold was able to get pregnant!

Who ever he is he has my vote!

Loved the tattoo!

Great News! Where can I send my donation.

No way, if he had belonged to Ashi, I may have voted for him. :wink: