A a.1

Can someone send me an inside pic of a garage door that would get an A.1

See attached

Thanks ! Not going to plagiarize your mfg sticker pics. I just have not seen any over here. Seen beefier doors but no stickers…

Greg, if you’re able to get the manufacture info off the door, go to www.approvalzoom.com and look up the info there. Those stickers can and do fall off over time.



You likely will rarely come across those doors as the only place in Florida that they are required is down in Bert’s neck of the woods in the HVAZ

oops, HVHZ that is

Clopay, non-glazed overhead doors with a W6 or better is impact. I actually see a lot of them in a WBDR-Exposure C area. Some AHJ’s in exposure C areas require them.

Don’t see many uninsulated garage doors (post#1) in my area. Due to our freezing winter months, we like the insulated garage doors.

Hey there David. Noticed you hadn’t posted most of 2012. Everything good and just taking a break from the boards? Good to see you back. Always enjoy your posts.


Hello Humberto,

I was jam-packed with inspections earlier this year. I was 8 days out with my bookings and I was just too tired to peruse the MB.

I missed the MB, so I thought I’d participate for a while.

Some AHJ’s in exposure C areas require them.

Likely see them because of higher design pressures for exposure C. The AHJ can not require them unless approved by the State Legislature and then adopted by local ordinance